March 20, 2024

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Centric’s newly appointed co-chairs and administrator of our WIN (Women Initiative Network) Employee Resource Group sat down to discuss the importance of women-led communities at Centric Brands. Launched in 2022, the WIN ERG’s mission is to drive positive change in four key areas – professional development, employee experience, giving back and driving business.

Read below to hear from Rosemary Avila, Vice President, Operations at Centric Brands, Kylee White, Senior Manager, Human Resources at Centric Brands, and Danielle D’Urso, Executive Assistant, Kids Division at Centric Brands, on their motivations, experiences, and future plans for 2024.

What inspired you, as WIN members, to become co-chairs/administrator of the ERG?

RA: As a member of WIN, I always valued the support of our past WIN co-chairs, Elyse and Rebecca. I was asked to be a co-chair and feel extremely proud of the nomination. I was so inspired by our former co-chairs to make a positive difference for the women at Centric Brands. WIN has already accomplished so much, and our goal is to inspire others.

KW: I was so honored to be nominated and given the opportunity to be a WIN co-chair from our predecessors and former co-chairs. I have been a WIN member for two years and am very grateful to now hold an expanded role as a co-chair. I continue to be inspired by the purpose, values, and the members of WIN!  It is such an uplifting community that drives positive change and connects women from all levels, departments, backgrounds, and locations throughout the company.

DD: I was inspired to become the new administrator for WIN because I have a passion to be a part of the innerworkings of our ERG. I want to continue to inspire the amazing women who work for our company. WIN has been a great outlet for women to come together and support one another.

How has WIN impacted your experience at Centric Brands?

RA: WIN has enabled me to meet so many new people and to listen and understand the challenges of women from diverse backgrounds. Collaborating and planning behind the scenes with Kylee and Danielle has provided so many positive experiences. WIN also enables us to bring different locations together virtually to strengthen our relationships. In partnership with Centric Cares, WIN also provides volunteer opportunities for our employees which allows us to give back in a big way.

KW: Being a part of WIN has had an immensely positive impact on my experience at Centric!  I always look forward to prepping and planning upcoming initiatives/programming with the WIN team, Rosemary and Danielle. It brings such a positive light to my work week. It is as equally fulfilling to then bring our ideas to life and connect with our greater WIN community. I have also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to network, participate in group mentoring, and develop myself both personally and professionally. 

DD: It has been inspiring to be a WIN member. There are so many smart and successful women who work for Centric, and I have really enjoyed getting to know them. WIN is uplifting. I think it’s really special that we can come together to learn and grow. We are all women who want to be the best version of ourselves and WIN truly promotes that.

Why is it important to champion a culture of women supporting women in the workplace?

RA: Women make up such a big part of the workforce at Centric Brands. It’s important for everyone to feel supported and WIN creates an environment for women to understand their career journeys and help craft a future for themselves. We welcome men to join our group as well to provide insight and guidance. I have this quote written on my board, “Be the reason why someone feels included, welcomed, supported, safe and valued”. That is what WIN is trying to do!

KW: There is a quote that I love from Serena Williams that expands on women supporting women. “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another, we’re stronger when we cheer each other on.”  It is incredibly important to uplift, support, and celebrate the successes of other women. This helps create an environment and culture of solidarity and collective strength. 

DD: Sometimes being a woman in the workplace can be difficult so it is important to nurture our relationships with our female colleagues. We can continue to achieve success by working together and lifting one another up. There is always something to learn and positive change that can be made, and as members of WIN, we are the leading examples of that.

What do WIN members have to look forward to in 2024?

RA: We are always listening to our members and welcome any suggestions for initiatives. Exciting events for wellness, collaboration with other Centric ERG’s, panel discussions, volunteer opportunities and guest speakers are planned for upcoming months.  

KW: We have some exciting initiatives on the radar for 2024!  We are thrilled to share that WIN will be hosting a Bring Your Child to Work Day event in April. We will also be launching our mentoring circles next month. We are partnering with Centric Cares for some exclusive volunteer opportunities, in addition to sponsoring the March Creators for a Cause program, our internal creators charity series. 

DD: WIN members collaborated on the latest Creators for a Cause program and this was such an exciting drop! I think that everyone is going to love our hand-sewed and crocheted potholders because they are beautiful! All the proceeds will be going to breast cancer survivors at Knitted Knockers. Mentorship circles will also be starting back up in April 2024, so that’s very exciting! I had such a great experience in my mentorship group, and I am looking forward to doing it again. Centric Brands celebrates the empowerment and achievements of its WIN members and Women associates. Empowering women, shaping the future – that’s the WIN way at Centric Brands.