October 28, 2022

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across the company who are shaping our community and who embody our Life at Centric philosophy every day.

Meet Brandon Bedevian, Graphic Designer, Kids at Centric Brands. In his Interview, he shares with us where he finds his inspiration and about his journey at Centric Brands.

Can you tell us about your role as a Graphic Designer and your team?

I am a Graphic Designer on the Design Operations Team. We are responsible for creating tech packs to instruct the factories on what materials to use for constructing a garment and how the garment will be embellished. My team is awesome, and I love working alongside them every day. I have enjoyed the last six months and look forward to growing and expanding my impact within the Company.

How did you become passionate about design and choose this career path?

As a teenager, I was inspired by streetwear companies like A Bathing Ape, The Hundreds and Supreme. They all made the coolest graphic tees and cultivated a culture to go along with them. At the same time, I was always drawing new designs in the margins of my notes, eventually turning these drawings into actual designs. I loved the idea of being able to turn ideas into reality as tangible items. Later, I took some classes in screen printing which opened the doors for me into fashion and garment customization. I was studying to be an advertising graphic designer, but my passion for printing clothes landed me where I am today.

What qualities do you bring to your role that sets you apart?

Without drinking even a drop of coffee, I am always very high-energy and ready to rock and roll. Whether it’s cracking a joke or helping a colleague with a favor, I try to bring as much positive energy as possible and befriend all my coworkers and brighten their day. I think that maintaining a friendly environment in the office is essential to a positive work/life balance. Also, everyone on my team can tell you that I bring the best snacks to share! 

You recently designed and printed a hilarious t-shirt inspired by your work. Can you tell us about it?

Clothing looks different to me now that I work in the fashion industry. Whenever I go into a store, I quality-check garments and see how they are printed. I am looking to see if the print is placed and sized appropriately and what techniques are being used. At Centric Brands, when we tell a factory what print is going where, it is marked up with lines and arrows, which act as instructions. I thought it would be funny, if one day, the factory misinterpreted the markups and accidentally printed them, which is exactly what I did. I was heavily inspired by Virgil Abloh and his reoccurring theme of labeling items as a design element. 

It’s almost Halloween! What are your plans?

This year, I am hosting a party with a group of friends at an art gallery in Chelsea, New York, which you can check out online. We did the same thing last year and sold over 500 tickets. We catered the event from Chic-Fil-A and had a bunch of performers, including stilt walkers and fire breathers. We even built a haunted house from scratch, which was a massive hit. This year we stretched the budget and have even more incredible performers lined up. I still don’t know what my costume will be, but you can bet that I will be making it by hand. If you have any suggestions, let me know!