June 5, 2024

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across our Company who are shaping our community and who embody our Centric Brands philosophy every day. 

Meet Grace Martin, Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing at Centric Brands. In her interview, Grace shares how she tracks and manages competing priorities and deadlines for the variety of brands that she designs and works on.

Can you share insights about your role and responsibilities?

I’m a Senior Graphic Designer on the Marketing team, so my day-to-day can vary depending on our photoshoot schedule. I handle a range of creative tasks, including designing emails, editing videos for social media, selecting photos for shoots, making photo selections, and providing retouching notes. Some days, I’m on location or in the photo studio, while others, I’m at my desk immersed in design work.

How do you handle experiences when dealing with ambiguity and navigating uncertainty?

I’ll be frank: I’m still in the process of figuring this out. With my recent promotion, one of my goals for this year is to boost my confidence and handle uncertainty more strategically. Seeking advice from my team is part of the process, and I’m grateful to have an exceptional manager (BIG shout out to Herta Silva, Vice President, Creative Director) and a supportive team to guide me.

Can you discuss when you had to manage competing priorities and tight deadlines?

I can’t recall the last time I wasn’t managing a million priorities and deadlines! My lifesaver this past year has been an Excel sheet that allows sorting by deadline/urgency. Excel proves it’s not just for accounting purposes.

Can you share insights on a professional success story that you take pride in?

I’ve been involved in Creators for a Cause since its inception in April 2022. The overwhelmingly positive response from associates has been truly heartening. As we launched our third year of upcycled material creatures, I’m incredibly proud of the growth of this initiative and the numerous charities we’ve been able to support.

What are your hobbies?

Oh, where do I begin! Drawing has always been my first love, and I’m deeply passionate about comics and graphic novels. I’m an avid reader (big shout out to Book Club) and set a goal to read 52 books this year. Additionally, I’m a lifelong puzzler, enjoying jigsaw puzzles and crosswords. Anything that challenges me to think creatively is right up my alley.