August 30, 2023

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across the company who are shaping our community and who embody our Centric Brands philosophy every day. 

Meet Jade Liao, Operations Specialist, Vendor Management at Centric Brands, Asia. In her Interview, Jade shares how she challenges her team to readily embrace obstacles that nurture new skills and ultimately, foster a culture of mutual growth and advancement.

Can you tell us about your role and what your team does?

I work as a specialist within the Vendor/Order Management team based in the Guangzhou, Panyu office. Our team is responsible for several essential tasks, including training on the lnfor Nexus system, managing Cotton Traceability, maintaining Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), creating purchase orders (PO) and tracking Due from Makers (DFM). Given the diverse range of projects we handle daily, efficient time allocation is crucial. It’s important to prioritize tasks based on their processing urgency, this is my guideline for organizing my workday.

What I appreciate about our team is its youthful and collaborative spirit. Having completed training for SAP and PLM upon joining Centric, I’ve gained valuable skills that greatly assist me in performing my job effectively. The strong camaraderie and ongoing cooperation among team members greatly enhances our team dynamic.

In what ways do you actively seek opportunities for personal and professional growth?

Before joining Centric, I had over seven years of professional experience in logistics. However, my current role involves being a part of the Vendor/Order Management team, an area that diverges significantly from my previous work background. This shift presents a career challenge for me. Interestingly, Vendor/Order Management still falls within the broader scope of supply chain activities. This offers me an avenue to enhance my understanding of supply chain dynamics while also allowing me to leverage my knowledge in logistics within my day-to-day responsibilities. Thus, this transition is a challenge and an opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

What is one quality that you bring to your role that you think makes you stand out?

My background in logistics work sets me apart in my role. When I’m tasked with creating purchase orders in SAP, I understand shipment logic. Additionally, my proficiency in logistics aids me in analyzing daily DFM tracking data for its accuracy. This knowledge dramatically facilitates the seamless completion of my daily tasks.

How would your friends describe you?

According to my friends, I am perceived as a lively and captivating person. I enjoy organizing my living area; it functions to reduce stress. During weekends, I engage in swimming alongside my family. I also enjoy a popular activity known as “City Walk”, it entails strolls around various parts of our city, a concept appealing due to its relaxed nature and the opportunity it provides to become better acquainted with our surround neighborhoods.