July 26, 2022

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across the company who are shaping our community and who embody our Life at Centric philosophy every day. 

Meet Jenny Cobarrubia, Production Coordinator, Accessories at Centric Brands. In her interview, Jenny gives her best workplace advice and discusses the support she has received from her colleagues since joining Centric Brands in 2021.

What is your role at Centric Brands, and how long have you been with the Company? 

I am the Production Coordinator for Accessories. I support Production Managers by gathering data from different reports that are then transmitted into a specific form to create Universal Product Codes (UPC) in our platform SAP. My responsibilities include reviewing data and approving UPC hangtags from overseas printing facilities. I’ve also supported Sales by putting together fabric swatches and samples for Walmart to be sent for color testing. Then, results and testing numbers for approval are entered into a WIP or Production report.

I started this position in November 2021, working freelance while a colleague was on maternity leave. My assignment was extended a few times, and I expressed interest in working with the team on a full-time basis. Because of the need, and thanks to the efforts of Erik Chumpitaz, Senior Vice President, Sales, and other colleagues, it came to fruition in April.

What is a favorite project you have worked on, and why was it special? 

So far, it has been creating style numbers on our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system for transmission forms and there are a lot! This is a good opportunity to brush up on my PLM skills, our platform SAP and other skills my position requires. I like the diversity in working with different brands and seeing the product before it heads to the stores. I am so looking forward to all the possibilities this role will bring me.

Can you tell us what you think makes Centric Brands unique and a great place to work? 

It has been quite a journey for me to find a professional home where the supervisors and my colleagues are empathetic and supportive. Centric Brands offers an ability to grow, branch out and build a prosperous history. There are a lot of opportunities here, from volunteering to providing employees a chance to discuss current issues and more.

What is your advice to new colleagues as they begin their journey with Centric Brands? 

As a veteran who has worked in the apparel industry and consumer goods for many years, take those opportunities offered to you to build a better “you” personally and professionally. I feel like Centric Brands provides the tools and support needed to help you get as far as you can, which is what I have been looking for, for a very long time.

Share a fun fact or something most people do not know about you.   

What do Vanilla Ice, Peter Jackson, Ad-Rock from Beastie Boys and Larry Mullen U2’s drummer have in common? Their birthdays are on Halloween, just like mine!