March 31, 2022

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across the company who are shaping our community and who embody our Life at Centric philosophy every day. This Women’s History Month, we honor the women who challenge, question, and drive our Centric Brands mission of creating equity and opportunity in the workplace. 

Meet Narmine Ali, Senior Manager, Product Development at Centric Brands. 

What is your role at Centric Brands?

I am a Senior Manager of Product Development at Centric Brands. My role is to manage Costco ladies and men’s production. I also help and guide my colleagues on their daily requests from buyers, new requirements, and problems related to production. I have realized that I am a good problem solver through working in production. Every day is exciting because the production process and my team challenge me – I truly work with the best team ever!

The 2022 theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. What does the hashtag mean to you?

The hashtag to me means making a statement – saying out loud what I feel. Women’s History Month represents a voice for all women to be heard. Not that we don’t get that opportunity every day of the year, but it makes it special to have it internationally recognized during the month of March. It also reminds me of all the women that have influenced and inspired us to become who we are today. It is a time to remember their courage and bravery in fighting for our freedom.

What is the best advice you have been given?

To speak your mind and never give up on your beliefs. Be yourself. If you believe in something that has been guiding you in life, no matter what happens, always stand by it. To me, this is called instinct.  Your voice is unique. Never be afraid to speak your mind and share your thoughts. And ALWAYS stand tall.

Who in your career has been a mentor and why?

I would have to say my father. He is the one behind my every step in life, the voice guiding me and cheering me up at my every success. I also want to mention my Director at Centric Brands, Marie-Lou Montpetit. She is the most genuine person I have ever worked with. She has pushed me to reach my full potential these past nine years. I will always be grateful to her for the opportunities and mentorship she has given me every day.

Tell us about a hobby you enjoy outside of work and why.

Shopping! And besides shopping, I love snow shoeing in the Winter and hiking in the Summer. It helps me disconnect completely. Cooking and traveling are other hobbies I cherish a lot!