March 2, 2022

In our Associate Spotlight series, we are highlighting associates across the company who are shaping our community and who embody our Life at Centric philosophy every day.

Meet Natasha Endrei, Senior Designer, Women’s Collection for Joe’s Jeans. Natasha sits in our Los Angeles office.

What is your role at Centric Brands?  

My role at Centric Brands is Joe’s Senior Designer, Women’s Collection. I handle all the non-denim products, so it is something new every day and I genuinely love what I do and the team(s) I get to do it with. 

The 2022 theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. What does the hashtag mean to you?

Seeing this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias, resonates strongly with me. As the entire world has been in this unexplainable whirlwind of unprecedented times, the past 2 years, with so many things we can’t control, I think it presents a unique opportunity for us all to shift some of our energy and put a little more positivity and good progression out there. Breaking the Bias is something we can all do, in our own minds and in the circles around us, and positively enact change in the evolving climate of the world. 

What is the best advice you have been given?,

Some of the best advice I have ever been given is to be a healthy amount of selfish. It was something I had never heard before, and at first was a little taken aback and didn’t understand. Not being selfish in the way of not caring for others, remembering everyone has their own experiences that you can learn from, but knowing that you will always be your best advocate. Believe in yourself the way you believe in others, fight for yourself the way you would the ones you care for, and ultimately do what is best for you. 

Who in your career has been a mentor and why?

Someone who has highly impacted my career, and is still in my life, is Emily Ellerbeck Meadows. She was a Director of mine when I was earlier on in my career, and the skills she imparted on me and the way she challenged me to be my best, is something I am ever grateful for. Someone who facilitates and encourages your professional growth by leading by example and encouragement, rather than fear and punishment, is a quality I will always admire and try to emulate with others.

Tell us about a hobby you enjoy outside of work and why.

As cliche as it sounds, hands down, it is traveling! I love being able to experience first-hand different places, cultures, foods, connect with people around the world, and always seek out a hike with a worthwhile view. Travel has expanded my perspective, taught me about myself, and given me friendships and connections I get to take with me through life. I encourage everyone to get out there and see as much as possible, and if you’re open to it, try traveling solo.