December 28, 2021

This holiday season, Centric Brands Canada came together to volunteer with and donate to local charities.

The Buffalo Jeans team, located in Montreal, Canada, organized a donation of over 1,000 units of product to five local charities – MADA, Le Chainon, Chez Doris, Action Nouvelle and a dedicated women’s shelter. The donations consisted of assorted womenswear, menswear, and cold weather items, such as gloves, hats and scarves. The product will be distributed to over 800 families in need this winter in the Montreal area.

“We as a group made a small but important difference. When people come together, we can accomplish great things,” said Marie-Lou Montpetit, VP of Production at Buffalo Jeans.

In addition, during the Centric Brands 10 Days of Giving event, Canada associates raised funds for Moisson MontrealBatshaw Youth and Family Centres, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Associates also delivered packaged food items and volunteered at the Moisson Montreal facility, sorting and packaging meals for families in need. 

At Centric Brands, giving back to our local communities is central to our philanthropic mission. We are honored to be able to build lasting relationships with local organizations and to continue to provide in-kind donation assistance all year around.

Learn more about the organizations who received donations below:

MADA: Founded in 1993, MADA is a volunteer-based organization that evolved from a small neighborhood center to Montréal’s primary organization fighting poverty in their community. They provide their patrons with many social and crisis services free of charge, as well as serving as a safe haven for those in need.

Le Chainon: Founded in 1932, Le Chaînon’s mission is to welcome, unconditionally and without judgment, women in difficult situations. They offer them safe housing as well as assistance and support tailored to their needs. At Le Chaînon, they take specific actions, with the help of experienced counselors, that promotes women’s return to their self-determination and personal and social strengths.

Chez Doris: Founded in 1977, Chez Doris is a day shelter that offers a range of services and programs to meet the most basic and immediate needs of vulnerable women and homeless women. They are the only women’s day shelter in Montréal offering 24/7 service. By providing personal hygiene products, health and mental services, housing placement and more, they strive to meet their needs in an inclusive and non-judgmental environment.

Action Nouvelle Vie: Action Nouvelle Vie provides concrete help to people in difficulty, with a focus on the well-being of children and young people, to improve their living conditions and instill hope. They aim to meet essential needs, while focusing on training and social reintegration, in collaboration with other partners working in their territory of intervention.

Moisson Montreal Food Bank: Moisson Montreal Food Bank gathers food and basic products to distribute, free of charge, to community organizations in Montreal. They serve 288 community organizations on a regular basis in Montreal and has distributed 20.4 million kilos of food, worth close to $117.6 million. 

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres: Batshaw Youth and Family Centres provides psychosocial, rehabilitation and social integration services, as well as ensures the provision of services related to child placement, adoption, adoption disclosure, reunification, expertise to the Superior Court and meditation.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada’s Light the Night event is Canada’s night to pay tribute, bring hope and celebrate the blood cancer community. Each year, more than 35,000 Canadians participate in raising money for research and community programs to improve the lives of people affected by blood cancers.