July 6, 2023

Celebrating and honoring the LGBTQIA+ community, our associates and allies around the world is  fundamental to how we create a safe, inclusive, and equitable workplace at Centric Brands. 

This month, Centric Brands organized a range of engaging activities across our North American offices to celebrate Pride and recognize the diverse culture, accomplishments, and advocacy of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Check out some highlights below:

  • We announced our partnership with The Phluid Project and GET Phluid to provide educational resources, workshops and trainings for our associates, this month and all year around. GET Phluid is a cross-industry leader in corporate education, strategic advising, and community impact at the vanguard of LGBTQ+ market and talent excellence. As part of this partnership, Centric Cares and GET Phluid hosted a global workshop called “Authentic Belonging in a Gender Diverse World,” which worked toward cultivating a work environment that is more intentional, inclusive, and free from unconscious biases.  
  • The Centric Brands Run+ Club participated in the annual New York Road Runners LGBT Pride Run in Central Park. The race benefits the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a non-profit organization that provides community, basic needs, and career services to thousands of LGBTQ+ youth every year.
  • New York associates decorated shirts in honor of Pride to be donated to SAGE, a national advocacy and services organization that has been looking out for LGBTQ+ elders since 1978. 
  • The Greensboro office partnered with the Guilford Green Foundation, a non-profit LGBTQIA+ community center that offers resources, programs, and support to LGBTQIA+ individuals.
  • Los Angeles associates volunteered at Covenant House California for LA Pride. During the homeless youth Pride event, associates and interns played an instrumental role in teaching the art of designing and sewing upcycled garments. 
  • This month’s Creators for a Cause resident artist, Jim Sable, selected six of his photographs inspired by the natural beauty around him to turn into a Pride flag-inspired stationary set. Available for purchase exclusively by Centric Brands colleagues, all proceeds were donated to Ollom Art, a division of Prismatic Productions, Inc, and New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth.

We are proud to honor and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community by supporting and actively engaging in this powerful movement that continues gaining strength, vibrancy, and inclusivity each passing year.