October 27, 2022

We are excited to announce the openings of our Hong Kong and Panyu offices, two significant steps forward in our continued global growth and expansion in Asia. 

The establishment of these offices will streamline and improve efforts across supply chain, data management, and will drive efficiency across the organization. With 300 new associates coming on board, Centric Brands is positioned to continue to grow and drive business, with more offices opening shortly. 

As part of our sourcing transformation plan, Hong Kong will become the headquarters for our fully owned sourcing operations team, which will enable us to strengthen relationships with our production facilities. It will also allow us to have a faster response time in speed to market. 

To celebrate the office openings, Marc Compagnon, President of Centric Brands Asia, welcomed colleagues with traditional Chinese customs. Among the activities was a Lion Dance, a Chinese custom that represents prosperity and is a symbol of power and wisdom.