May 24, 2024

Creators for a Cause is an internal product series that showcases the Company’s pride of creation culture and highlights the incredible design talents of our colleagues. Creators within Centric Brands design limited edition products available for purchase exclusively by Centric Brands’ colleagues. 100% of the proceeds are donated to a non-profit chosen by the designer each month.

We interviewed Ellen Rubin, owner of Luv2Knit Yarn Store and co-founder of Therapeutic Crafters on Call, and Amanda Bloomrose, Director, Merchandising and Analytics at Centric Brands on their inspiration and motivation behind spearheading this month’s Creators for a Cause program in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Read the full interview below.

What was your inspiration behind these pieces and the kits?

(ER): I was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a theme prevalent throughout nature that is pleasing and harmonious to the eye.  

What does supporting causes mean to you?

(AB): People often remark that I should sell my creations, but that doesn’t appeal to me.  I knit because it is fun, and I am happy to teach others or knit in a group because I am connecting with others. Giving away a knitted creation is a way to “fill my cup” and watching someone enjoy it is the best feeling.  

(ER): I love to teach the art of crafting and see the positive impact on people’s lives.

How did art call to you (meaning how did you get into art?)

(AB): I have been interested in fiber arts my whole life! Beginning with learning to sew from my mother and grandmother to painting, drawing, crocheting, and knitting. I went to fashion school as an undergrad and just simply love clothing and creating 3D designs around the human form. Finding knitting at this level later in life is a natural progression.

(ER): I have always been creating and making from a young age. Even as a scientist, my creative flair influenced my projects to be elaborate and innovative presentations.

Discuss the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month and how art can be used to help in Mental Health Awareness.

(AB):  Improving or maintaining good mental health takes effort and work. And while exercise is an important part of that, along with medication and talking over challenges with others, we need to complement that with other activities that help us cope. Knitting focuses my mind and is an active form of meditation. It is the way it makes me feel while I am touching the yarn, looking at the beautiful colors while I create something. We need to make time for activities that make us feel good and help us actively cope in this fast-paced world.

(ER):  I like to say that nobody gets through life unscathed. We all experience loss. People are very comfortable talking about physical ailments, but mental health is just as important as physical health, and a good mind-body connection is key to the overall health of a person by lowering our blood pressure, releasing dopamine, and lowering cortisol levels.