Bernstein’s first collaboration with Joe’s resulted in the brand’s single biggest sales day on its website.

November 4, 2019

Danielle Bernstein tried Joe’s Jeans on for size — and the fit was just right.

The influencer and founder of We Wore What partnered with Joe’s for its first influencer collaboration in March. The collection, which unveiled a new style named after Bernstein, contributed to Joe’s single biggest online sales day, driving 88 percent new customers to the web site.

The pair is reuniting for a second collaboration, with double the inventory of the first. The drop, which goes live Nov. 4, includes a new style, called “The Danielle High Rise Skinny Zip.”

“Danielle has been unbelievable for our team to work with,” said Jennifer Stender Hawkins, senior vice president of marketing and innovation at Joe’s Jeans, via e-mail. “We know it’s important to keep seeking out partnerships that work for our brand and also make sense for the influencer, celebrity or athlete. The magic works when it’s a true win-win for both parties who are authentically engaged in the process.”

As part of the partnership, Joe’s and Bernstein will try out Instagram’s Checkout and Reminders features, the latter of which allows brands and creators to alert their followers to new releases. Joe’s will also unveil a collaboration with football player Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots, and will test out the Instagram features for that partnership, too.

Bernstein has a track record of successful collaborations. She has released four collections with swimwear brand Onia, the latest of which raked in $1 million in the first three hours.

In August, Bernstein and Onia announced a licensing deal that made Onia the official production partner for Bernstein’s Shop We Wore What, which houses her line of overalls and future fashion collections.

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