The Women Initiative Network (WIN) seeks to empower, support and develop the women at Centric Brands. The group focuses on driving positive change in four key areas: professional development, employee experience, giving back and driving business results. WIN sponsored events include:

  • Networking Events & Panels
  • Dress For Success Clothing Drive
  • Women’s History Month programming


UNIDOS, the Latin and Caribbean ERG, is dedicated to building a supportive and uplifting environment that celebrates, educates and amplifies diverse cultures and voices at Centric Brands. UNIDOS sponsored events include:

  • UNIDOS: The Latin and Caribbean Cookbook
  • Workshops & Panels
  • Hispanic Heritage Month programming
  • Hispanic Heritage Month programming


Representation. Inclusion. Support. Empowerment (RISE) is a community focused on the support, self-actualization and empowerment of the Black employees at Centric Brands. A safe space for advocacy, career development and cultural awareness that also prioritizes making a positive impact in the communities where we live through advocacy and philanthropic work. RISE sponsored events include:

  • Black History Month Virtual Tour and Juneteenth Week Celebrations
  • LinkedIn Learning, Collaboration with L&D Team
  • Career Development workshops, Self Branding
  • Community Services

Run Club

Book Club


Monica Pistorino,
WIN Member

“It has always been important to me to surround myself with like-minded people. The fact that WIN happens to be all women is a bonus. WIN has provided experiences I would not have found on my own and have learned so much from. Through these experiences and with the support of WIN, I have found the confidence in myself to use my strengths in so many different ways.”

Nafeesah Tate,

“My connection to RISE began with me caring about my work environment and the people that I share it with. Since joining Centric Brands, I’ve become involved with the DE&I committee, Centric Culture Committee and RISE. I am honored to represent women and people of color in organizational leadership. RISE is an ERG that focuses on the Career Development, the culture & community of the black employees here at Centric Brands. RISE stands for Representation. Inclusion. Support. Empowerment. and it’s the foundation of the change that we want to see here in the company. As Co-chair I am committed to being one of many that will be leading the group towards change. I will be sharing creative ideas that promote change, and produce outcomes where members feel included, empowered, and valued. Helping members with Career Development, community involvement, and other incentives will be the driver for the success of the group. We’ve recently taken steps in career development by teaming up with the Learning & Development team. They’ve help members get started with LinkedIn Learning and created starter courses for the team. Marketing has provided the team with some self-branding tips. The biggest initiative for me is having the resources and tools available to empower those who wish to strengthen their career skills, and most importantly feel included. I’m excited we have a safe space to advocate, thrive, and be our authentic selves.”


“UNiDOS has enabled me to personally connect and become acquainted with fellow community members. It provides a platform for us to exchange our heritage experiences, thereby creating opportunities for individuals to better understand the challenges faced in our respective home countries. Additionally, we can share insights into the dynamics of being a Latino within the United States, all while engaging in volunteer work and supporting the community through fundraising efforts.”