February 2, 2023

On a sunny Tuesday morning at the Centric Brands headquarters in the Empire State Building, a photographer positions a group of models on set, looks through a lens and takes a picture. Jacquard and silk dresses sway in front of the camera as hair is being braided and makeup is being applied at the other end of the room. Today, the Centric Brands photo studio is shooting a Zac Posen campaign. Yesterday, it was a Men’s IZOD shoot and tomorrow it will be kid’s adaptive school uniforms.

Steps away, a rack of kid’s clothes from Under Armour is being styled and pinned on a glass LED table. Lights are altered to cast the perfect shadow and a photo appears on an iPad. An exact symmetrical laydown to help sell on customers’ websites.  

A vibrant spot on the 5th floor, the in-house photo studio is an always-busy 360-degree state-of-the-art facility designed to concept, create and execute best-in-class creative assets. The studio, led by VP and Creative Director, Herta Silva, delivers across all photography and video functions, including E-commerce (product detail pages, lifestyle imagery, lookbooks, and A+ content for Amazon), editorial, social media, in-store graphics, advertising campaign shoots and video.

The full-time studio team is comprised of two stylists, a retoucher and a studio manager. The space is designed to be flexible and to accommodate all types of projects, from larger, elaborate photo and video shoots to high-volume E-commerce photography. Photographers, models and freelance stylists, organized by a creative producer, are brought in on an as needed basis depending on the project.  

The dedicated team behind the success of the studio works closely with divisions and brands across the company, including the Kids Division, Entertainment Division, Accessories, Herve Leger, Zac Posen, Caterpillar, IZOD, Taste Beauty, Airwalk, Buffalo Jeans, and Centric Brands corporate. This close collaboration allows for a distinct competitive advantage in speed-to-market with photo and video assets as well as complete control over the creative process to ensure outstanding content.   

The Centric Brands studio continues to optimize and evolve as the needs of the businesses increase. The output of images the studio shot and handled in 2022 alone was 133% more than 2021. 

“The skills of the team create state of the art photography that’s used across retailers to give customers the most accurate online shopping experience,” said Sofia Pujol, Centric Brands Stylist. 

We invite you to come visit the studio and see the team in action.