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Our on-site 10-week paid internship program is designed to immerse participants in the business and culture of Centric Brands. Interns will work closely with our brands and divisions, collaborate on innovative team projects, attend business-focused, brand-focused and career-focused learning sessions and participate in our social impact programs.


Our Program

Our program helps interns develop a strong cross-functional foundation by pairing you with mentors who are experts in their field for one-on-one learning and professional development. Interns will have the opportunity to work in a variety of departments, including Design, Sales, Supply Chain Operations, Marketing, Planning, Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology.

Our Projects

Our interns are given the opportunity to apply their new skills to real world projects and pitch their ideas to Executive Leadership.

How We Give Back

Giving back is in our DNA. As part of the Centric community, our interns have the opportunity to volunteer with local charity partners alongside Centric associates.


Maggie Scala,
Summer Intern

“My experience as a Marketing intern at Centric provided me with a real-world view of the fashion and entertainment industries. As a college junior, it was so impactful to gain tangible experience working alongside industry professionals. My internship project focused on Centric’s ESG and sustainability initiatives. Watching some of our ideas come to life at Centric​ was extremely fulfilling.”​


“Working at Centric, I was given the opportunity to be an integral member of my team, with real responsibility to contribute to my team’s goals. Centric taught me the work ethic it takes to meet deadlines and exceed expectations for the best possible outcome. It also introduced me to so many wonderful, kind, and supportive mentors that I’m confident I can reach out to and lean on throughout the rest of my career.”

Lauren Rosenberg,
Summer Intern

“My manager and every person I remotely worked with was nothing but extraordinary. I have never met such kind, helpful, and welcoming people in my life. Centric just kept blowing me away week after week. This program couldn’t have been better and more helpful. I learned so much more than I ever could have expected to. I would recommend this company to anyone.”​