January 30, 2020

Joe’s Jeans continues to build out its influencer arm.

The denim brand has tapped jewelry designer-slash-influencer Stephanie Gottlieb for its latest collaboration. The capsule collection — Gottlieb’s first venture into denim — features four limited-edition styles with crystal embellishments. Launching Thursday, the pieces range in price from $188 to $498.

The collaboration is part of a larger strategy by Joe’s to claim its stake in the influencer realm. So far, it has seen success in doing so, according to Jennifer Stender Hawkins, senior vice president of marketing and innovation at Centric Brands Inc., which manufactures and markets Joe’s.

“We stepped into the collaboration space with Danielle Bernstein, which was a big success both times we [collaborated] with her,” said Hawkins. “[Influencer collaborations] have since become an important part of the company and something we will continue to do on a regular basis as they present themselves in ways that make sense for both the company and whoever we’re collaborating with — whether it’s a social, an athlete, a brand. If there’s one thing Danielle taught us, it’s that it has to feel very personal for both sides.”

Both of Joe’s Bernstein collaborations have resulted in “incredible traffic” to Joe’s web site, said Hawkins. “The spike is significant the day she goes live,” she added.

Joe’s recent collaboration with footballer Julian Edelman also caused a traffic spike. Joe’s men’s business was up double digits in November and December, according to Hawkins.

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