January 15, 2021

Former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin Poirier has teamed up with Robert Graham to create a collaboration for a greater purpose.

The RG X The Good Fight collaboration was inspired by Dustin’s personal passion for both the brand and his work with his charitable platform, The Good Fight Foundation. He created this for athletes and fans to join together to fight for underserved communities. Robert Graham is donating a percentage of proceeds to the Foundation, along with resources to help spotlight the platform.

“Robert Graham is proud to support the kind of athlete Dustin represents—a hard-working fighter with integrity, and his commitment to aligning athletes and superfans alike via charitable causes,” Robert Graham President, Andrew Berg said. “The co-created special edition styles are meant to unify all sides of the ring.” 

The collaboration items include a tie headband and graphic t-shirt. Dustin’s nickname is The Diamond so the tie headband appropriately features a diamond emblem in the center alongside RG’s signature mantra: knowledge, wisdom, truth. The graphic t-shirt features hanging boxing gloves with RG’s artistic signature style with “Robert Graham X The Good Fight” boldly printed on the back to highlight the charitable cause.  

This is all leading up to the highly anticipated UFC lightweight fight against former Ultimate Fighting Champion Conor McGregor on Saturday, January 23rd in Abu Dhabi.

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