April 17, 2023

The oversized cable-knit is technically for women—but he proves dudes can rock it, too.

If you, like most people with taste and a penchant for staying cozy, are mourning the loss of cable knit sweater season, I’m here to tell you not to worry. The time to stow your chunky, oversized knits has not come to pass, yet! And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at certified style icon Shawn Mendes, who’s worn the Favorite Daughter Oversize Cable Knit Sweater five times in the past two months, and looked good doing it every time.

A cable knit sweater is a necessity. Everyone from your Logan Roys to your Shawn Mendeses have at least one. And that spectrum alone shows the versatility of the piece—you can wear it formally, dressing it up with trousers and loafers. You can wear it as Shawn does, to church (with Justin Bieber, no less) or to run errands, paired with denim or with cargos, worn in the sun or the shade. This style, comfy and cozy as it is, knows no boundaries of weather.

Or, for that matter, gender. Sure, it’s a womenswear piece, but the Favorite Daughter Oversize Cable Knit Sweater’s baggy, relaxed-yet-chic fit is just begging to be worn on a slouchy afternoon, or a Wednesday at the office, or, if you’re Shawn Mendes, maybe a studio session where you’ll record your next chart-topping album.

And with a wool-and-cashmere blend plus ribbed hems, this is a sweater you’ll covet util you buy it, and when you do buy it, you’ll wear it time and time again. Over your favorite T-shirt, under your favorite winter coat, with sneakers or dress shoes or sandals. So I say to this sweater, until I have my hands on one myself, in the words of Shawn Mendes: Everything means nothing if I can’t have you.

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